In addition, please understand that weight is a product of food intake. So it is perfectly reasonable for me to sell you a puppy that in ideal condition should mature to 4 lbs. It can happen though that you or your family, just cant resist feeding  the beautiful  brown eyes of the curly little beggar, and that 4 lb baby now weighs 5 lbs! :). But even in these cases, he/she is still the qualifying 10" in height and is a toy by definition. So again, weight predictions can be a  problem which is why you will not likely get a promise from any Atlas representative of weight.  We can still give you an excellent guess at  adult weight based upon years of research and experience. But the very  best predictor of  a puppy's adult size is going to be by looking at his/her parents, and by tracking his/her weight as it progresses through the weeks (we weigh at 2, 4,6, 8, and 10 weeks). If those weights stay fairly consistent with predicting a 5.5 lb adult dog, then in IDEAL weight, your puppy will likely grow to 5.5 lbs as an adult. 


 Toy breed dogs grow alarmingly fast!! In my experience my poodle puppies have reached approximately 40% of their adult weight by 8 weeks of age, 60%  by 12 weeks of age,and 90% at 16 weeks of age. Remember this is of IDEAL weight. So if your pup is 3 lbs at 12 weeks, it is likely to finish around 5 lbs as an adult. If, however, you were to plug this number in to a basic puppy weight calculator it would tell you that the puppy will weigh 10 lbs. DO NOT put any faith in a standard puppy weight predictor when dealing with toy breed puppies or giant breed puppies!! It takes a toy breed approximately 5-6 months to reach mature height/weight, and a giant breed up to 2 1/2 years!! The weight predictors are based on the average dog reaching maturity at 14 months!!  It can not possibly predict what a toy poodle will mature at if it thinks all dogs mature at 14 months, and yours is mature at 6.  I am including the chart below to help you guesstimate how large your pup will get. It is what we use at Atlas to base our "classification of puppies" on. We follow each and every weight and write the predicted adult weight for each puppy every 2 weeks until they arrive to your home. We mail all of this information to you so you can see how we arrive at the numbers. PRETTY PLEASE, DO NOT get upset that your 12 week old puppy weighs 3 lbs, and the vet is now telling you that your TOY poodle is going to weigh 15 lbs. That absolutely will NOT happen. I say this as an example b/c I have actually taken that exact phone call! And the puppy turned out to be 5.25 lbs at maturity. :).  I will tell you in most everything to listen to your veterinarian, but in the case of guesstimating puppy weights, vets receive ZERO classes in proper prediction, so chances are they are using a standard puppy weight predictor found on the internet. I have had more than one customer call and apologize for freaking out that their 5 month old puppy already weighed 5 lbs, when I said it was going to be a 6 pound adult. The vet said it was going to be 10 or more pounds. I always respond the same way, "I sincerely appreciate your concern, but lets just please wait a little and then we can discuss it IF and when your puppy exceeds toy poodle size. :).  To date, after 16 years of breeding toy poodles, I have NEVER received a call that one of my toy poodles was oversized.  


This is a very common but difficult question to answer. Puppies aren't like a Tshirt for example (although I heard a customer refer to a puppy with exactly that analogy once). So if you order an extra small Tshirt online, you should definitely receive an extra small Tshirt 100% of the time and if you dont, you clearly have the right to call and complain/exchange. However, when you are dealing with a living, growing being, things change a bit. It is impossible for any person to tell with 100% accuracy what a puppy will finish at in terms of weight. The adult weight is a factor of both "nature and nurture", meaning genetics play a role as does feeding!   There are some unscrupulous breeders (fortunately not many), that restrict toy breed diets when the puppies are young, to keep them artificially smaller than their genetics dictate. So when you buy that 1 lb puppy eight week old puppy (that shouldve already been 2 lbs), the minute you feed him/her correctly........boom, 2 lbs at 9 weeks, and now the puppy you thought would be 3 lbs as an adult, is tracking to be 7!  This is an example of how nurture plays a role. We would never do this at Atlas!!  However, another thing that can happen, as is the case at Atlas (and you see in many young human teenagers), one puppy can have a much faster growth rate than another. So one puppy in the same litter can be 45% grown at one age, while its exact litter mate is only 30% grown, so if they weigh exactly the same at that age, boom...........2 different size adults. So it is very very hard to expect or ask a breeder to GUARANTEE a weight on basically what the equivalent of an infant human being!

Pretty sure you couldnt tell your infant son would grow up to be 6' and 250 lbs!! Neither can we.!! But perhaps knowing that daddy/mommy was a star basket ball player might lead us to think that was going to be the case!! This is what we do at Atlas for puppies!! LOL. I say this jokingly because I've heard many customers come to me absolutely miffed at their last breeder b/c they didn't get "what they paid for" . Some times because the dog was too small, sometimes because it was too big, and many times we are talking within a pound of what they wanted. Please understand that most breeders, at least those that I know, want you to be happy. Most breeders have more than one family waiting, so it does not do anything for  them to intentionally mislead you. 

So at Atlas we base 100% of our predictions on very well published charts for toy poodles, we accurately track from birth weights to the time they are placed in your home, and then we look at mom/dad to get an idea of what the puppy range the pup should be in.............and we predict by combining all that information.  So we are right in probably 99% of our cases, but if you happen to get the one puppy that surprises us, please don't assume that we only "care about the money" or "intentionally sold this or that". That is simply not the case. I can speak for us at Atlas, we WANT you to be happy because we want you to LOVE wholeheartedly that little creature that we brought in to this world. We want the absolute best for our puppies because we love them. So if the family looks at their puppy every day and thinks they were somehow jipped out of money then nobody wins. We are honest, hardworking, good people and will do our very best for you 100% of the time with weight/height predictions, but we are NOT God, so we can not guarantee height, weight, or final colors. These are all a product of maturation and in as such can not be foreseen entirely. Hope that makes sense to all of you :)

Thank you for all of you for reading and understanding! 

You wont find a breeder that loves their puppies more than we do,, or will stand behind them like we do! Our only goal is to make sure your family and our puppies are a happy and healthy duo!


TRUE classifications of poodles   - The only REAL classification of poodles are by their height NOT their weight!!

      Standard poodles - any poodle over 15" at the shoulder

       Minature poodle - any poodle 10.1-15" at the shoulder at maturity

       Toy poodle - any poodle less than 10" at the shoulder 

These are the only classifications listed on registation papers and recognized by any poodle breed registry.

This is probably going to be the most important page you will read on my site, so please read it in its entirety!! We want absolutely zero misunderstandings when it comes to our puppies, their sizes, their parents sizes, etc!! WE will be as transparent as possible but here are the rules of poodles and the answers to some commonly asked questions: 


Best Poodle Puppies


So what about Tiny toy, Teacup, microteacup, and pocket poodles you say?   By definition these are simply classifications that breeders,  over time have come up with, to attempt to further classify toy poodles into a variety of size ranges. As a buyer, you must really ascertain exactly what you are looking for before you call and ask for a microteacup poodle!  And here is why...........EACH BREEDER has their OWN system of classifying these classifications, b/c their is NO standard to do it for them. Therefore, this is a very random thing you ask. If you were to ask Atlas kennels for a teacup poodle, the response would be "there is no such classification of poodle that is standardized, so please tell me exactly what you are looking for". This is NOT to be flippant or disrespectful to you. It is to try to determine exactly what it is you mean. One breeder may say a teacup is anything under 8", while another says its any poodle under 5 lbs. See the problem?