This is daddy, "Bam Bam".  Bam Bam is a 5 lb silver and white parti poodle. OFA clearances, CHIC number assigned. Clear and negative for all recommended tests.  Very sweet temperament, loves people, cats, and other dogs. Bam Bam has never met someone he didn't like! 

SOLD CONGRATULATIONS RACHAEL!! AKC Black Teacup Female Puppy $1300  - this puppy is perfectly healthy and is a tiny little thing. She was less than 2 ounces at birth and is tracking currently to be around 3.5-4 lbs as an adult. She gains weight every day and is having no problems at all.  We cant wait for a new family to meet the little furball!! 

Brown/Tan Phantom Teacup Male - $1500

SRS Elsa X  SR's Bam Bam  DOB 6-6-2018

SOLD - congralations Tammy!! Tiny Toy Female Sable Poodle Puppy -  $1600 Very rare coloration, beautiful adult poodles. Your baby will be the only on the block for sure!! 

 This is dad, we call him Mr Red. He as a very pretty mahoghany red coat nd is athletic and very eager to please. Mr Red is in training to do obedience and agility. Mr Red is about 5 lbs and is a perfectly square poodle. 

SOLD CONGRATULATIONS ROSE!- AKC Cream and White Tiny Toy Female Poodle Puppy  $1400 over time this little girls nose will turn black, creating a very striking face of black, cream, and white. She will be gorgeous!

SOLD - Congratulations Elizabeth!! AKC Mahoghany Red Tiny Toy Male Puppy - $1500 This color represents one of the most sought after colors in poodles! His coloration is simply stunning and fairly rare. Grab this beautiful baby while hes still around.

SR's Milan and Atlas's Kahl Drogo DOB 6-13-2018

SR's Zoey and SR's Bam Bam DOB: 6/19/2018

Brown/Tan Phantom Tiny Toy Female - $1600

This is mom, otherwise known as "Pebbles". She weighs in at only 4 lbs and is a very pretty little chocolate and white parti color teacup poodle. 

SOLD - congratulations ROSE!! Tiny Toy Phantom Male Puppy  - white chin / chest - adorable!! $1100 phantoms are born dark, and add their tan markings as they age. That is why there is an under the tail picture. That is the first place to turn color and lets us know that we have a phantom rather than a solid black! This puppy will continue to develop a chest shield, cheek patches, eyebrows, and leg warmers in a tan coloration. He will be very stunning! 

This is Elsa as a baby. Her official color is cafe au lait. We just wanted you to see how she started out her life, as cafe au laits change drastically over time. We are in the process of getting new picture of her new. Elsa is mom to this litter. She is out a European, Canadia, and American Toy poodle conformation champion. 

Black/Tan Phantom - Tiny Toy -  Male $1300

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