HEALTH GUARANTEE - All puppies are sold with a full health guarantee.  All vaccinations and examinations for Best Poodles are done by licensed veterinarians. We therefore guarantee our puppies for 7 days of pickup for infectious preventable illnesses such as parvo, distemper, etc.   However, to honor this guarantee we ask that you visit your own veterinarian within 48 hours of your picking up your puppy from us (or him/her being delivered). Puppies will be delivered with a full insurance policy activated which covers them at no charge to you for all accidents/injuries for 30 days. You may choose to continue it, which we encourage, as puppies will be puppies and their first year is the time they get in to trouble like chewing cords, eating things they shouldn't, knocking things over on themselves, eating couches, etc. These policies rarely exceed $30 a month on a poodle puppy and are worth every single penny of that, should you ever have to use it, even ONE TIME!!

Pet quality versus Show Quality  - what does that mean to you? Our primary reason for breeding poodles is to bring another champion in to this world. We are always striving to continue and improve upon the excellence in the poodles as laid out by the standard. Striving for this goal results in some puppies that have very minor "flaws" as to the standard that are unlikely to allow them to win in the show ring. These puppies are sold as "pet" quality which has no reflection on their health. Remember these aren't really flaws in the function of the puppy, but mainly "cosmetic" deviations from the standard. Simple mismarks like a white spot, or a muzzle that has too deep of a "stop". These are the puppies that are available for deserving families to make wonderful companions. You still get the benefit of excellent bloodlines, genetic testing, and health guarantees because a white spot makes your puppy no less healthy than its "show" quality littermate. Our pet quality puppies provide healthy lifelong companions to families that will give them an excellent home. We strive to make 100% of our customers happy and if for any reason you are not satisifed we will work with you to reach an amenable solution. We would never ask for you to return your new pet as part of that solution but are always willing to take that pet back should you be unable to handle whatever is happening. We have never had an issue with a single buyer, however, as our puppies are living breathing beings, it is possible in the future we could.  We stand behind our committment to make things right 100% of the time. 

A deposit of 50% of the puppies price will hold your puppy until he/she reaches 8 weeks of age. This deposit is refundable should for any reason the puppy not clear its final health examination (done on the day the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age). However, please understand that your deposit is your committment to purchase the puppy and that we are likely turning away other buyers while we hold him/her for you until the pup reaches an age to be able to come home. As a result, should you simply change your mind, we are unable to refund the deposit. 

Best Poodle Puppies

Shipping can be done within the continental US with Delta Live Animal Shipment services. Puppies can be shipped to most states and all deliveries are arranged to be same day. Please understand that flying puppies the way I do it, is absolutely no different than when you yourself fly. I ship counter to counter in the cabin (this does NOT mean that the puppy has an ATLAS kennel nanny with him/her, she/he will be flying with Delta employee supervision only but from counter drop off to counter pickup on your end). The puppy is in temperature controlled, pressure controlled environment the whole time. Your puppy is not stuffed in to a carrier and thrown in the cargo hold of the belly of the plane. Customers always envision the worst, and honestly long car drives can often times be much harder on the puppies (who can suffer from motion sickness due to immature ears), than a short airline flight. I would never subject these puppies, that I have raised and loved to anything that would potentially harm them or cause unnecessary stress or suffering. Please understand that all airline shipping is not the same, and we ship puppies in as comfortable an environment as we can offer. So don't be afraid, its just like when you fly!! 

Puppies will have to be eating well on their own for 2 weeks or more before we make them eligible to ship. However, if they need additional time to reach that qualification above 8 weeks of age we do not charge additional for boarding, etc. We just wait until we feel comfortable with the puppies ability to handle the flights. Their health is our main concern and we make choices based solely on that concern with regards to when to ship. Shipping does run $350 in addition to the purchase price of the puppy, but does include a new airline approved kennel, bowls, the cost of the flight, and flight insurance.  

PLEASE NOTE: Extremely small teacup or pocket poodle puppies may not be eligible to fly unaccompanied until they are 10-12 weeks of age. If the puppy has not reached 1 lb by that time, Atlas reserves the right to ask that the puppy be accompanied by either a puppy nanny or one of your family members on a round trip flight. We happily will meet your family at our Tallahassee airport, so you can get off your plane, grab the pup, and jump right back on!! Our airport is tiny and a 30 minute layover is all you would need to get this done!!  We always encourage any new buyer to accompany their puppies, but may be forced to require it on pups under 1 lb. This will be on a case by case basis and will also center around the prevailing weather conditions on both ends of the flight (whether too hot or too cold). Please understand that Atlas wants this transition to be as easy as possible for everyone involved, but our main goal is to protect our beloved puppy, remember, we love them just as much as you will and would be crushed if we made a decision that ever harmed a single hair on their little fuzzy heads!! Be respectful if we request this from you. It is very very rare, that we have had to do this, and we will give you plenty of heads up if we think this might be necessary (usually long before you buy!!).