SR's Malificient and AKC Champion Pete Dec 2017 Litter  - Dec 16,2017

Tiny Toy Female Solid - $1500  SOLD Congratulations Kiersten

Tiny Toy Black Female -$1500 SOLD Congratulations Kiersten

TEACUP  (4 lbs or less)

Espresso Chocolate Male -


$1400 This is a very dark 

brown puppy who will retain

his dark coloration!! Gorgeous! 

Remember my father is an

AKC Champion!! I am show quality. 

King weighs 18 ounces at 8 weeks. 

Lucy and Atlas's Kahl Drogo (we call him Mr Red)  - 2 red males - born Dec 7, 2017

CARDINAL- SOLD !! Congratulations Tammy!! - Tiny Toy Mahoghany Red Male - this is a very rare coloration. This little guy represents the first male puppy we have had in this color.  $1700  It isn't very common to find a dark red poodle in the geniune toy size with full papers at this price. He is absolutely stunning and has a very sweet cuddly personality.  Tracking to weigh approximately 5 lbs at maturity. 

Toy Chocolate Female - $1400 "Duchess" new name "Eclair"  - SOLD - congratulations Eric and Jeffrey!

Elsa and Bam Bam Dec 2017 Litter -  Born Dec 7, 2017 - Elsa's own father is an undefeated American and Canadian Conformation Champion!! Excellent pedigree!

Sold - Congratulations Somer!!

SPIRIT - Tiny Toy Chocolate Phantom Female  - $1500 - SOLD -Congratulations Somer!!

Best Poodle Puppies

Tiny Toy Black Male - $1000  "Obsidian" 

Adoption Policy/Procedures:

If you want a puppy please inform Atlas that you would like to place a hold on a puppy. We will send an invoice for 50% of the puppy's adoption fee. That invoice will be due within 24 hours of the invoice being sent unless another date/time has been agreed upon. That is as long as Atlas will guarantee to hold the puppy. If you wait, you might get lucky and another buyer will not jump in 'behind you. However, if another buyer speaks for the puppy and it has been over 24 hours, Atlas will cancel the invoice and send the new customer an invoice to purchase. Please understand, we will not do this if you just contact us and let us know what is going on!  But if we don't hear from you, we are forced to believe that you are no longer interested and must move on to the next buyer. I put this on our site so everyone to understand exactly what happens, b/c I sure hate disaapointing customers!! We promise to uphold our end of the deal 100% of the time. 

Deposit Amount - We understand that 50% of the purchase price can be quite scary for customers. That is why we take credit cards!! You have protections offered by credit card usage to help appease your fears on dealing "on the net" with people "you dont know". This is very scary indeed!! We offer use of credit cards via Square invoicing or Paypal invoicing so you can use a method of payment that you feel comfortable with! As for the amount of the deposit, while it may seem steep, please understand that we have had customers cancel many weeks after purchasing/holding a puppy, after we have turned away many many buyers. In one case, we even had the puppy neutered at the customer's request.  This surgery made him a bit harder to place in the future at the same adoption fee,  as he was a show quality puppy but at that point was unable to be bred!  We learned from these cases that deposits of $100 or $200 do not put enough "skin in the game" and people cancel because they don't have the remaining balance, simply decide not to purchase, go with another puppy, etc. At the end of the day, Atlas and the puppy loses on these "holds" , Atlas loses time and often money, while the puppy loses valuable socialization time with his/her new family. We want our puppies in their new families as soon as they can go home, so our deposit is set with this in mind. We feel that if you are truly wanting the puppy, and are actually able to afford both his/her purchase price and upkeep, then the 50% deposit should not prevent you from adopting.  The ability and willingness to cover this deposit adds to our security that we are placing this puppy in the home of a responsible family that truly wants him/her. And Remember the deposit is 100% refundable or transferable to another pup should the vet find anything wrong (we don't even take deposits until after all puppies second visit to the vet anyway, so they have already been cleared of all genetic problems at the point of being put up for adoption. 

At Atlas we make every attempt to have our customers get exactly what they are looking for in their new family member. We do have waiting lists for both common and rare breed colors, but are always happy to add new customers to our lists. We make every effort to contact each customer as promised, should their dream puppy be born, sometimes within 24 hours of the birth!! 

If you are on a wait list please understand that all puppies are made available to the general public or new customers at 4 weeks of age, so if you are wanting to speak for a particular puppy you need to go through the adoption process prior to that to make sure you are able to add that puppy to your family!! 

Full papers versus Limited Registration - We ask that all of our puppies be spayed or neutered if we have not specifically addressed breeding potential of your puppy. I do not in any way judge those customers that wish to breed, but would ask that you do so in a responsible manner, which includes NOT breeding any dog with a known genetic issue. As a result, we do OFA testing on all our poodles, as well as genetic testing for PRA. If you plan to breed your puppy please discuss this with us, and we will consider FULL papers for your puppy. We do not charge extra, as some breeders do, as our puppies are all priced at their proper value which includes show quality puppies. Full AKC papers do not add quality or  value to the puppy, just as limited papers do not detract from the actual quality or value of the puppy. The puppies at Atlas are properly priced for their quality, color, pedigree, gender, and overall ability to show and/or eventually contribute to the breed as breeding poodles. We have introduced more than a few breeders to breeding dogs, but do ask that you go about breeding the right way, so you have healthy puppies and happy families at the end!! 

Congratulations Andrea!!- Sold "Archie" (New name) / "Sergeant" - Toy Red Male - $1200  You can see where the hair is coming in darker on his nose and body. It is likely he will be a deep red also, we just can;t guarantee that deep red color yet. Should finish between 5 1/2 and 6 lbs. 

Congratulations Donna!!- SOLD -Tiny Toy Black Male - $1000 

"Onyx" - My daddy is 

an AKC Champion. I 

would likely do well as a 

show dog or breeding 

boy!! 32 ounces at 9 weeks

should finish around 5 1/2 lbs