This is daddy, "Bam Bam".  Bam Bam is a 5 lb silver and white parti poodle. OFA clearances, CHIC number assigned. Clear and negative for all recommended tests.  Very sweet temperament, loves people, cats, and other dogs. Bam Bam has never met someone he didn't like! 

SRS Lucinda and Atlas's Kahl Drogo - June 2018

Atlas's Kahl Drogo - Rusty as we call him is a very striking mahoghany red tiny toy poodle. He stands 9.75 inches at the shoulder and weighs only 4.75 lbs. All OFAs clear. 

SOLD - Congratulations Jane!-    Janet -  Going to NC AKC Black Teacup to Tiny Toy Female Inky Black Poodle  $1350 - if you like the tiny ones and you love black, this is a double black gorgeous puppy bound to love you. Shes charming, sweet, and loves everyone. 

This is mom, otherwise known as "Molly". She weighs in at only 4 lbs and is a very pretty jet black   teacup poodle. 

SOLD - Congratulations Tamus! JACK AKC Tiny Toy Male Poodle Puppy - $1100. With this pedigree and his beautiful curly coat, he will turn out to be a wonderful family companion. 

SOLD - congratulations Kiara!! - Gaston -Hes staying in Tallahassee!!  Black Tiny Toy Poodle Male - $1100 This fellow is a beautiful inky black guy. Should finish around 5 lbs or maybe slightly less. With his pedigree and his sweet calm disposition, he will make a great companion for anyone or any family!! 

Bella Grace - SOLD!! CONGRATULATIONS Angelica. Went to LA!! Female Brown minimal phantom Puppy -  $1250 Beautiful brown female puppy, with some minimal brown phantom coloration on her feet. She is going to be a teacup or a very very small tiny toy.  Very sweet and social. 

SOLD - Congratulations Tom!!  'Cherry" - $1750. Tiny toy - should finish around 4.75-5 lbs. This gorgeous female puppy is getting darker by the day. We are calling her a deep apricot currently, but as time goes on she has doubled in her red shade, so she may end up red like her daddy. She is one of the sweetest, most friendly puppies we have ever had here at Atlas. She LOVES people, cats, other dogs, just about anything that breathes. This baby is going to be a wonderful pet, and would be a great prospect for anyone wanting to do a "visitation" type program like nursing home pet program, etc. She has the perfect temperament for that type of thing. 

Mete "Pete". He is an AKC conformation champion in Canada, the US, and Internationally!!  He has full OFA clearances, and currently has puppies in the show ring! He is a tiny toy at only 4.75 lbs and 9 1/2 inches tall. 

This is Zoey as a baby. Her official color is cafe au lait. We just wanted you to see how she started out her life, as cafe au laits change over time. Zoey is a 3 year old adult and weighs only a 3.85 lbs! She is a teacup poodle and this is her very first litter. We are in the process of getting new picture of her new. Zoey is mom to this litter. She is out a European, Canadia, and American Toy poodle conformation champion. 

Best Poodle Puppies

Edward - SOLD - Congratulations Melanie!  Headed to LA! Brown Phantom Tiny Toy Male Puppy  -  adorable!! $1100 phantoms are born dark, and add their tan markings as they age. That is why there is an under the tail picture. That is the first place to turn color and lets us know that we have a phantom rather than a solid black! This puppy will continue to develop a chest shield, cheek patches, eyebrows, and leg warmers in a tan coloration. He will be very stunning! 

SR's Malificient and Ch Amity's Baker's Boy  DOB 6-25-2018

SRS Zoey X  SR's Bam Bam  DOB 6-19-2018

SRS Lucinda - Gorgeos dark apricot tiny toy poodle. Lucy is very sweet, stands 9.5 inches and weighs only 5.5 lbs. She has a wonderful personality. Type your paragraph here. All OFAs clear. 

 SOLD - Congratulations Janice!!  Headed to NY!  AKC Tiny Toy Black Female puppy - Krissy - $1350 This baby is going to be a beautiful adult poodle with a soft curly coat. She will be around 4.75 to 5 lbs as an adult and is well socialized and sweet.