" Nairobe" = Black Female tiny toy poodle - $1400

"Tripod"SOLD - Congratulations Virginia!!

"Sprout" - Espresso Brown tiny toy female - $1800 - SOLD - Congrats Denise!! 

"Winter" - Cream female Toy poodle -$1800  -SOLD - Congratulations - Rebekkah!

​​Citron / Bam Bam 

"Panda" - Black/White tiny toy parti female - $1800 - SOLD  Congraulations PAM!!

Available Puppies - as of 2/5/2020

DelRay Beach / Bam Bam 


Mischief - Gisele/Bam - Black Teacup Female - beautiful puppy - too small for us to breed - our loss if your gain.This an absolutely gorgeous inky black female puppy. She is full grown at around 3 lbs! $1250 (for a teacup puppy this is unheard of price, please consider adding Mischief to your family!)  - PENDNG SALE


Parker - Apricot Toy Solid male- $1000 (stud, show, or pet)\- SOLD

Hawkeye - Black Tiny Toy Solid male- $800 (stud, show, or pet) - $750

Beavis - Black Toy Solid male -  SOLID

Midnight - Black ToySolid male- SOLD

Oboe -Black Solid Male - must be neutered. No exceptions -$750

Albus - =Black Solid Male - will be netuered before coming home to you. $750

"Yin" - Solid Black Male Tiny Toy - $1100 Congrats Andrew

​Older puppies - these are puppies that we were thinking of keeping  potentially as agility/obedience/or conformation show dogs. For some reason or another, they aren't going to work out for those purposes. Please consider them, they are still young, they are almost full grown, and they have all been raised in a home and are well socialized to cats, dogs, children, etc. Good way to own a young toy poodle without having to pay the higher fees. These puppies are still beautiful, loving, and worthy of your love!

"Jersey" - Black / White Female Tiny toy parti color - $1800 - 

Gisele / Bam Bam litter

Best Poodle Puppies

Kadee / Bam Bam

"Kung Fu" - Black Solid Toy Male - $ - still available 3/27i/20

Elsa / Sunset Acres White Lightning (Kasper) 

"Alfafa" - Brown and White Parti Male - $1400